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tv   Sunday Night in America With Trey Gowdy  FOX News  February 25, 2024 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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the criminals either dressed up as prosecutors or judges, the society is unraveling, the purpose of the law is to protect the civil society. the purpose of the civil society is to protect individual, when the collective, the state uses the law to punish individuals is ceases to become legitimate. if we are to be a western enlightened society and individuals like letitia james, jack smith, fani willis were to be condemned. they're targeting donald trump and people around donald trump, they're targeting us there sending a match to this republic and they're destroying it, every damn one of them. also you next time on "life liberty and levin".
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♪ >> good evening thank you for joining us i'm trey gowdy it is "sunday night in america", the south carolina primary is in the books and now onto super tuesday or is it former south carolina governor nikki haley lost overwhelmingly in her own home state but she vowed to stay in the race despite a string of losses. >> i'm not giving up this fight when a majority of americans disapprove of donald trump in joe biden. >> is late february former president donald trump already has early november on his mind. >> our party is full of energy like never before, i mean it there's never been unity in our party, just the fact we have a lot of primaries in the state, the fact that we get double the number of votes in history, there's never been anything like
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that. trey: i'm not a psychiatrist but you don't have to be one to wonder whether the gop is truly unified, listen or watch or read, prominent republicans were booed at a republican victory party last night, the person who joined arms with democrats to overthrow a republican speaker was cheered, over half of nikki haley supporters say they will not support donald trump in november in trump supporters would not support her either for that matter. republicans control the house but only a name. the senate gop is fractured the exit polling shows two parties under the gop umbrella, there's nothing new about that, what is new the new wings within the gop seem to hate one another, families fight and then they forgiven come together and they move on and that happens all the time, therapy can work but the later you start the longer it takes in there was little talk of unit fighting war in action
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last night, the former president said the party was unified but the crowd in the voters in his opponent are seeing a different tune, there is a divided nation ready for a nine-month general election, does the gop want to win or do they want to keep fighting the internecine battles, let's find out, and associate research scholar politics and public affairs of princeton university and david former new york state senator who served as a democrat, welcome to you both, doctor wright i did not hear a unified party last night and the exit polling shows two fraction within the gop and they don't like each other, our republic is going to coalesce in november or does the fighting continue. >> i cannot agree with you more what i see historic disunity, we often forget that nikki haley is the last one standing but not one not two, three former trump administration members are running against the former
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president that has not happened in 90 years since fdr's president ran against him. it is a historic disunity and we nikki haley makes the point that 30 to 40% of the parties consistently voting for me that is right there is an anti-trump wing that is not pleased and i'm under no allusion i don't think should ultimately get the job done but i happen to think it's healthy to have debates about what leadership looks like on the world stage in moral and ethical issues were religion has a place in the parties platform and all of these are painful and sometimes embarrassing but they do need to get hashed out if the gop wants to ever win again. >> let me welcome you this is your first time we are delighted to have you things are not warm and loving it doesn't seemed like on the democrat side let's listen together and i'll get you to respond on the other side.
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>> i think the democratic party should change the page president biden wants to be a transitional president. i even said on your show i thought he would be president and, the hearers would be waiting in the wings learning how to become president. i think she is disappointed a lot of people including me and i think the team that is in place now auto step aside. i don't see how he can be donald trump. >> to be fair that's just one voice but polling indicates he is not alone in wanting resident under president biden to pass. do you think it happened that the torch will be passed before november and if it is passed then who will be passed. >> i don't think so i think biden will be the candidate and we saw in south carolina there's been a subjective information and a lot of polls out there but the most boring thing to look at the actual election results and we saw on february 3 in south
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carolina president biden got 96% of the vote that is a huge number and show solidarity behind president biden, there was about 130,000 people that voted and maybe it wasn't the most exciting campaign and supposedly what happened yesterday in south carolina but with that said you have a sitting congressman dean phillips running an active campaign against the president and there could be a huge protest vote if we took all of the polling and the antidotal information that we hear from pundits i would've suspected a much bigger protest vote but we did not see that, 96% of the voters voted for joe biden, polls are a good indicator but elections are even better and that's where i take my information from, joe biden is on a clear pathway forward and unlike the republicans that are still hashing things out and trying to come together, the democrats for the first time in a long time are really unified and it's not necessarily the
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president biden is a good thing since sliced bread, he's done a good job and is far better than the alternative of donald trump. trey: i don't know for unified or better than fighting in private. but doctor wright, the border is more than just immigration of dreamers and passive citizenship of what used to be it is become a metaphor for what kind of country we live in it is public safety that we saw in georgia national security and nation of laws, not women and men are we headed towards the election of immigration versus abortion in november and are those going to be the dominant issues? >> that would be a great gas, immigration is not a good issue for democrats no matter how you slice it biden has been very inconsistent fighting to keep
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trump immigration policies on the books in court behind the scenes while publicly bashing trump in trying to do some of the same things. you're absolutely right, the gop has their own albatross around her neck and that is abortion and that was the biggest problem in 2022. i do think you're stuck with biden the only thing worse with biden campaigning is kamala harris she is more popular than he is and that's really saying something. >> up until recently the immigration has been front and center people are very concerned with the migrant issue but republicans have fumbled the ball and the fact the democrats are coming to the table saying we need comprehensive immigration reform this has to be a long-term solution and what you republicans do, the leaders say no were not going to do anything in there taken the issue off the table. that is why we did well in congressional district three, long island with tom suozzi,
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congressional members elect me to congress and i'm not going to do anything i'm going to give all my power to donald trump. why elect any of these members of congress. the democrats may have problems but republicans are doing much worse. >> you may be right but ultimately sometimes the jury responsibility and blame its own way and we shall see in november but this will not be the last time that we have a chance to talk about these issues. i can't thank you both enough for joining us in the civil way in which you discuss the often times divisive issues, we will see you soon. coming up after biden is finally going to answer questions under oath, maybe. a star witness is the defendant of a criminal case. congressman mike waltz break back down. vinnie willis and nathan wade but doesn't change the outcome
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trey: welcome back to sunday nine america house republicans continued to ensue a president and president biden the gop is narrow and republicans in several defections on the mayorkas impeachment and one potential witness for the prosecution just got indicted. this is president biden's brother james testified it that the president has never had any involvement or any financial interest in his misadventures, under bite it is slated to be deposed this week even though he's facing criminal charges, joining us for the congressman mike waltz who serves on the
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house until an arm services and foreign affairs, welcome congressman, thank you for joining us we do not get a picker witnesses, trust me i spent two decades experiencing wetness under witnesses and carry baggage and how can you use a witness was indicted for lying an accused with working with russia and how can you do that. a couple of things of the fbi informant that chris ray himself said that is a reliable informant highly compensated one and one that they had used for 14 years. our question why was he fine the last 13 and used repeatedly on all kinds of cases but now suddenly he's found to be lying on a 1023 form that the fbi
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refused to give the committee fought hard to keep quiet and would not acknowledge for the longest time until the whistleblower came out in not only is he unreliable and charged but he's an agent of russian intelligence again after 14 years the fbi director's own words of being highly compensated highly reliable informant it smells to all get up but at the end of the day the facts still remain that hunter had zero experience by his own admission and was paid over a million dollars a year to be on a board in one of the most corrupt countries in the world and according to his own business partners testimony they had a d.c. problem in they called dad in just a little bit of time later the prosecutor was fired. at the end of the day the policy position and withholding billions of dollars in aid
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ironically the same thing they went after trump on but biden actually did and not just talked about on a phone call by his own admission none of those can be changed despite democrats trying to muddy the waters. >> the bureau said chris steele is a reliable source and they paid him a lot of money so maybe the bureau is allotted that of judging character is not good if you're the law enforcement agency. your colleague jamie raskin said that impeachment inquiry is over that it is dead and you have a narrow majority in the border is a really big issue in your heading into november, where in your judgment does impeachment inquiry stand with all the other things going on in the limited compressed calendar that faces you all. >> again it's worth reminding everyone that the inquiry status gives us additional standing in court to get things and
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documents and information that the administration the biden family is refusing to give us. for example all the biden's fake e-mail accounts that he sent out e-mails to hunters business partners which you claim he never contacted and lied in front of the american people and the national archives has informed the committee that they cannot give associate e-mails from his fake accounts because white house counsel has told the national archives not to give them to us. inquiry gives us additional standing to get after the e-mails in the dealings with hunters business partners that he said he never dealt with, his tax records at the end of the day did he pay taxes on the money coming in and are they using the loan monitor as an avoidance mechanism for paying taxes which is a classic money laundering technique. to this case we have an obligation to follow the facts
6:20 pm
there is so much smoke and fire and clearly hunter thanks to the work of the committee is being indicted but the ties to his father we still have a lot to dig into and we have an uphill climb because the media does not want to talk about it. at the end of the day we have to go after it and i think will change minds when we get to the bottom of the information that is still author. trey: i noticed you were in south carolina if you need help finding a home let me know will find you a great one. in the meantime thank you for joining us on a sunday night, thank you for your service. it's days of our lives in a georgia court room in the fulton county da fani willis and prosecutor and former lover nathan wade face questions about the credibility it's interesting, it's legally relevant and sufficient enough to get them kicked off the case,
6:21 pm
a former federal prosecutor and current defense attorney and she joined us now, thank you so much for being here. i love a good soap opera is annexed as the person. has the defense counsel made the case for the disqualification of the prosecutors in your judgment? >> this is a great soap opera in it's sad because there's defendants on the other side that have their lives in the balance so i think we can take a look at the supreme court in 1935 about prosecutors and what they say a prosecutor may strike hard bows but they're not at liberty to strike follow ones and fawning willis with the nathan wade is on the verge of not only being disqualified by having the case dismissed with prejudice because of the new text message and communication revelations. >> how do you view the standard i am million years ago was a
6:22 pm
prosecutor and we ran from the potential conflict we did not want the appearance of conflict but if the standard is actual conflict for disqualification what does that look like and how do you view the standard in georgia. >> when you have a senior prosecutor ended da bringing on an outside contract attorney with no experience or very little experience in paying the more than what other contract attorneys are being paid and the benefits of personal out of it then you wonder if she's benefiting from the relationship because of his involvement in the case and whether there is an impact on the case itself. in terms of the disqualification i think it was a close call before we knew that the timeline of the relationship may very well have existed long before the indictments of the grand jury portion of this case were even occurring, now that it seems to be evident that there
6:23 pm
is strong evidence that this relationship began before they claimed it did that's putting aside the perjury there is a question of the genesis of the case altogether and the propriety altogether the question for the judges not only do i need to do prosecutor do i have to get rid of the case altogether because the taint is a reversible, it's a matter of degree but here it's looking a lot more tainted. trey: you are right, the new evidence in peaches or credibility and trustworthiness is always relevant and credibility is always relevant. let me ask you this, the whole saga might result in a delay for the former president and the other defendants. if i'm a defendant i want to be prosecuted by somebody who does real estate closings or drafts will's. i don't want 70 with prosecutorial experience. do i, is a possible to win the
6:24 pm
battle and lose the war by getting these two kicked off the case. >> i think it's an interesting point i think altogether defendants are getting go for the gold which is a full dismissal how can you trust the propriety of this prosecution from the very beginning when you know fawning willis was conflicted or appears to be conflicted involving herself and benefiting from this prosecution of all these people. i see your point in having an experienced prosecutor but if you can avoid altogether i don't think anybody's get a want to roll the dice regardless of how an experienced prosecutor might be. trey: i look forward to talking to you next time, thank you for joining us on a sunday night. our next president biden is considering taking executive action on the border, i wonder what changed, former acting ice director tom homan joins us after the break only on "sunday night in♪ america".
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>> welcome to fox news live i am ashley strohmier in new york. time is running out to pass a spending bill to avoid a partial government shutdown lawmakers only have until midnight friday this as president biden is
6:30 pm
stepping up its pressure on house and senate leaders to reach a compromise in time he is summoning them for a meeting at the white house on tuesday, those talks will include renewed efforts in getting emergency aid for ukraine and israel passed, the government will go into full shutdown if there is no budget or stopgap by march 8, nato could have a new member, hungry is expected to ratify sweden's bid to joined the alliance tomorrow it's the last holdout that needs to approve the application both sweden and finland applied in 2022 after russia launched the invasion of ukraine finland joined last april. i am ashley strohmier back to sunday night america, all your headlines on trey: welcome back to "sunday night in america". sometimes hate can blind you, you dislike someone so much you refuse to concede that they may have been right. i wonder if that's what happened with now president biden undid
6:31 pm
everything his predecessor did when it came to the border and immigration and chaos has been our constant companion every sense not just chaos, drugs and crime and national security threats in voters are making their displays known some surveys rank the border number one on the minds of voters, how can the border be the number one issue in states far removed from the border because the border and immigration are no longer happy talk among the media about dreamers and a path to citizenship for valedictorians is a metaphor for what seems to be broken in this country, laws are ignored and drugs are killing americans in the national security threat is real in nursing students are being murdered, people no real nations have real boundaries and no countries no who is coming and why in real nations protect
6:32 pm
women jogging not venezuelan games, having a border doesn't make you racist or nativist or any more than having a fenced in backyard makes you a bad neighbor. biden seriously misjudged the american people and now he's trying to backtrack as fast as he can in considering executive action because he knows the voters are blaming him for the disaster that is our southern border. but he's in a party that does not like fences except their own or cops except their own private security detail, what will biden do and more importantly will the voters of fall for it. tom homan a former acting ice director and a fox news contributor and he joins us now, welcome it was not that long ago the president biden's party wanted to defund the police and defund ice. i'm just wondering how well did that go over with the american people?
6:33 pm
>> they never abolished ice, the talk from the left they we're going to abolish ice i said they will never abolished the federal agency but the abolish submission, they will starve them for money that's exactly what happened, isis mission is gone 85% of the cavuto will aliens of the trump administration we cannot arrest during the some initiation in the money from the stories lately ice is releasing thousands of people because they don't have money for beds they could not fill a bed for $170 a night but we can give an ngo of $500 a night they eventually shot ice operations down and i think the american people are beginning to realize what happened to georgia what's happening in new york and all the criminal aliens out about committing serious crimes against police officers and citizens in our people understand where is ice, ice has been shut down so ice is not looking for criminal aliens. trey: meanwhile their hearing president biden claim what you
6:34 pm
are about to listen to. let's listen together and i'll ask you a question on the other side. >> are laws and resources have not kept our immigration system and is broken. our politics have failed to fix it. if this matters to you it matters as the state tell your members of congress to show a little spying, past the bipartisan security bill with water more of your colleagues. trey: i'm going to translate that, it's not my fault, blame congress that's a convenient talking point, but congress is not popular but president trump did it without any help from congress, what is the truth, whose fault is it? >> president biden, he came in office and wrote 90 executive orders abolishing everything that we did to create the most insecure border in my lifetime, he ended the country agreements,
6:35 pm
he ended the detention of all illegal aliens, number catch and release he did away with all of that. i agree with him, they immigration system is broken but he broke it we had the most secure border in my lifetime because of actions by president trump, without the help of congress, president biden can fix the border tomorrow and put the remaining mexico program back in place the highest court of the land that legal he can put the third country bakken he can in the catch and release and he should in the catch and release because regular statute says as you know when illegal alien enters the united states without proper documentation it says they shall be detained that's where the law calls for but he's ignoring the law so he can fix this with the stroke of a pen tomorrow but he spent three years doing everything that he can to create open borders and the absent at the damn thing now he wants to blame congress and republicans, it's
6:36 pm
disgusting. >> blaming congress is always abated it doesn't happen to be accurate tom homan for rice director, who knows if there's another public administration on the horizon. you may be in that one too. thank you for joining us on a sunday night and thank you for your service to our country and. >> compromises a small constituency in our culture tends to reward the voices. but maybe there is a hunger, quieted times but a hunger for solutions which involve compromise. we do in our everyday lives all the time it's just considered a curse word and politics for some reason. one person not afraid to try to work things out as pennsylvania congressman brian fitzpatrick, thank you for joining us, welcome, the senate foreign aid seems unlikely to pass the house but a majority of americans want to provide help to israel, ukraine, taiwan and secure the
6:37 pm
border. you believe that can be done, tell us how? >> thank you for having me we have a bipartisan proposal in the house and by the way when i allow the enemy of the good because revealing with time sensitive and exit essential matters at her own southern border and also with ukraine, israel and taiwan into the past seven days the city has fallen a very pivotal city in the donbas region now as a russian federation flag flying over it, 200 families in the past seven days 200 american families had to bury their children to fentanyl overdose that can be tied to our southern border. these are time sensitive and exit essential in the senate bill i don't believe has the votes it is probably not good to be able to get on the floor. we want to get something done we have a bipartisan proposal equally balanced between democrats and republicans and
6:38 pm
reinstitute remaining mexico reinstitute title 42 without the public health requirement and also provides military defense spending only to ukraine, israel and taiwan. trey: congressman, let's start overseas let's listen to president zelenskyy let's listen together and i have a question on the other side. >> we talked earlier about what happens if the u.s. for some reason does not give you the funds, do you have other options are there other options. >> this is crucial so without it sorry but will have more and more guys in the hospitals because if you don't have defendants in a civil power of artillery intercourse you will lose people. >> you just came back from overseas and bret baier had an
6:39 pm
interview president zelenskyy we saw it, others are giving a platform for vladimir putin. where did the pro-russia wing of the republican party come from? >> this is one of the areas that we see in certain issues where the liberals and the libertarians are together. i don't always come from is an isolationist view of foreign policy which is incredibly dangerous and it's naïve to world history particularly world war ii history and is no different than the bully in the schoolyard, he'll steal your lunch money everything will day until you stand up to them. vladimir putin is a bully in ukraine as a front line of freedom versus dictatorships in this battle is already fought in world war ii, democracy one over communism and dictatorships. we verizon dictators across the globe trying to relitigate the outcome of world war ii and we
6:40 pm
have to make sure that they are not successful. trey: congressman you always had a reputation for trying to work things out and finding solu solutions. it's good to see that that has not changed. thank you for joining us on a sunday night, we wish you well. if we thought the cell phone outage this week was bad wait until china launches a real cyber attack, south dakota congressman dusty johnson returned from taiwan where the china threat has been looming for decades and he joins us next only on "sunday night in america". cut! another health insurance commercial, another aqua-aerobics scene. yup. most health insurance companies see us all the same: smiley seniors golfing, hiking... don't forget antiquing. that's why i chose humana. they see me, not a stereotypical senior. i'm pre-diabetic, so i talked one-on-one with a humana health educator who really helped me. now i'm taking free cooking and meditation classes. not aqua-aerobics?
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trey: welcome back to "sunday night in america". a bipartisan delegation of u.s. lawmakers went to taiwan led by mike gallagher the chair of select committee on china and they met with taiwan's president is a bipartisan support for the taiwan partnership which chairman gallagher described as stronger and more rock solid than ever, with the u.s. come to taiwan's age of china did attack in china is unlikely to launch a ground invasion and the cyber attacks are growing, this week
6:46 pm
at&t customers and others faced widespread outages due to what the company called a failed software update. republican senator marco rubio warns the cell phone outage pales into comparison of what a chinese cyber attack would look like. joining us to discuss the threat from beijing south dakota congressman dusty johnson, welcome, thank you for being here. it is not just you and chairman gallagher and senator rubio ahead of the fbi's warning about cyber attacks and i don't want to unnecessarily alarm people but they need to hear the truth, what is christopher wray talking about he has twice warned us about what could be coming. >> the chinese communist party have invested tremendous resources in cyber attack capability and they are good at this. were working out the expert proxies in the world and these
6:47 pm
attacks are already a daily part of life and taiwan. when we were there the last few days we were talking about 20 million taxa month, the taiwanese military alone is suffering 3000 attacks a day from the ccp and their partners this is a real threat. congressman, do you think that the u.s. militarily, will the american people support a military defense of taiwan if china were to attack, i asked them there is a growing dove wing within the republican party. i guess our policy to win china has ambiguity strategic ambiguity are not smart enough to know what that means but ambiguous it's fooled me but do you think that the u.s. would really defend taiwan and china attacked. >> , reagan republican peace through strength but more than
6:48 pm
anything or saber rattling what we need to do is make sure the taiwan has the tools that they need to defend themselves. were doing a terrible job but there is a 20 billion-dollar backlog and arms sales, with these are arms that the taiwan government has only paid for and agreed to pay for a nontreated good job to make sure that they get what they need to defend themselves and has anything to do with ukraine and f-16 fighters that we had a hard time delivering to taiwan if we want to avoid war and everyone should want to avoid war, we need to make sure the deterrence is in place and a strong taiwan military. trey: it's a long trip to taiwan the fact that you went should mean something to your colleagues, what will your message be to them when you see on the floor of the house, what is your message about taiwan to
6:49 pm
republican colleagues. >> what we heard in taiwan is the same thing i heard from tony blair the former prime minister of the united kingdom when he visited congress two years ago. he said the political dysfunction is a global security threat. when america's mature and when we are responsible in the world is a safe place and were bickering and fighting and snarling at one another and set by gridlock the world is a dangerous place, who loves american dysfunction, xi jinping loves american dysfunction iran, north korea, all the bad guys love american dysfunction. when we did there over whether or not we will support our allies in israel, ukraine and taiwan, the bad guys win and we have to pull it together. trey: thank you for joining us on a sunday night and taking the time away from your family and
6:50 pm
all the other things you can do in south dakota to visit taiwan that is not an easy trip. thank you for doing that. you are exactly right about gallagher we're going to miss him. florida is trying to pass a social media band for young people, will it work, was it constitutional that is next on "sunday night in america". i get gas. [laughing] get a little slack on pump three! earn big with chase freedom unlimited. how do you cashback? chase. make more of what's yours. >> woman: why did we choose safelite? we were loading our suv when... crack! safelite came right to us, and we could see exactly when they'd arrive with a replacement we could trust.
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trey: welcome back to "sunday night in america" you may recall facebook ceo mark zuckerberg did this. >> the things that your family have suffered and this is why we invested so much in big efforts to make sure that no one has to go -- [inaudible] trey: sorry for what, what exactly are you sorry for sorry you provided for bullies who exploited children in somebody young people suffering from depression and loneliness and suicide and so many parents are burying their children, talk is cheap especially for a billionaire if you sorry what are you doing about it even spare us the sermon, show was something that should focus on a euro a social media companies to figure out the products are used in dangerous and deadly ways
6:56 pm
they know and have met some people value money at the expense of pain and grief and anguish this week florida passed a bill that would block children under the age of 16 from using social media platforms and the bill prevents young teens from creating social media accounts and delete existing ones governor ron desantis says he agrees with the sentiment that fears the won't withstand legal scrutiny, what now were joined by two people that lived in this place for years tech policy director of the heritage foundation, welcome to you both, the bill is no doubt well-intentioned and the damage done by social media israel but are there legitimate concerns that can pass constitutional muster? >> i think there is a concern and this is why the states or the labs of democracy we see the same thing happening like tomorrow, monday the supreme court will hear oral arguments along the lines of the specific
6:57 pm
bills social media censorship bills that were passed in florida and texas florida is leading the way when it comes to requiring age verification by third parties for the platforms it's a great strong stance. these states after four ahead and do the most important thing to protect our children from the big tech companies. parents like myself are outgunned we need legislative help. trey: assume the bill is constitutional how in your judgment will or can it be enforced young people do a lot of things the law prevents and alcohol, cigarettes, vaping there are age laws for all of that people find their way around it how can this be enforced. >> that's a great question, we really believe that's an issue at hand that we are facing, young people understand how to get around limits they have four years in many different avenues
6:58 pm
also social media is no different than genius out of the bottle social media is here to stay we have to look at other ways of designing platforms for young people rather than putting up bands we need to critically investigate how we can hold the tech companies accountable so the honest doesn't fall on the parent or the user and falls on them to protecting people and their mental health. trey: i'm going to ask you the same question either one of you are old enough to be a senator but one day you might be. we will start with you, what would you ask mark zuckerberg of the world to do if you were on the senate judiciary committee and emma, you testified before the senate committee but let's assume 30 years from now you are a senator doing the questioning what would both of you ask, you go first. >> i would not ask i would say you have to cauterize the wound, stop the bleeding and the first
6:59 pm
thing that means stop designing products as emma said so well stop designing products with addictive features to willingly drawling kids there was an interesting data point that came out of the whistleblower the documents that said facebook was actually creating teams to draw in younger and younger users they considered preteens a valuable but untapped audience, stop the first and foremost and secondly design the products so you don't have to retrofit legislation but right now i'm sorry you have to stop the bleeding and cauterize the wound and band especially for minors under the age of 16 you have to stop in design with privacy and empowering parents with stringent default settings in mind if you get a design needs to begin with. >> exactly. >> senator lemke i want to echo everything that i believe that
7:00 pm
we have to say is empty words are costing us life, the life of young individuals and the next generation in their mental health, we need to see tech companies step up and take action to design products that are not addictive and taking advantage of the brains of young people across the country we need to demand better and see results in right now were not seen them in the status quo cannot maintain. trey: ungrateful for both of you for sharing your expertise on a sunday night. >> thank you. trey: thank you for spending part of your sunday with us. we hope you have a great week ahead. next week find us online at gowdy america or trey gowdy podcast, good night from south carolina. thank you for joining us. "the big weekend show" is up next. ♪


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